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Sophistication, design, luxury and personality are the traits that define this stunning model gas barbecue Krakatoa Point. Besides the convenience, ease of use, virtually no maintenance, durability and high performance, this wonderful outdoor kitchen is designed to be a decorative element in the space where you want to locate. Your dream BBQ it?s created by a group of expert engineers in reliability and usefulness. It is well known that a great design is accompanied by the best finishes. With these spectacular outdoor kitchens will feel like a great chef cooking for his close people thanks to a set of unique compounds in the market. These Krakatoa Point gas barbecue model combines 1 iron (Teppan Yaki), 2 stainless steel grills and wide polished black granite to create the best barbecue in your garden or terrace. All this topped off with a stainless steel lid. All luxury is little when it comes to the best barbecue in the market. They are considered as the 5 diamonds barbecues not only for its high design but also for its high performance and its creations of high cuisine. With them he will let the chef within. But this grill is not only for its unique design. Your control panel allows you to have, at all times, the control of your best cooking food with its 5 separate burners. Furthermore, in the instruction book it?s indicated the various suggestions for cooking different foods from beef steak and even a golden all kinds of vegetables. If you were looking for your gas dream barbecue, that would meet their visual and culinary expectations, this is your best choice without a doubt. With it you can decorate your garden or terrace and you're guaranteed a dining experience every time you turn on the stove. Enjoy cooking in the best BBQ gas market design. COMPOSITION BARBECUE Reference 10041 0000Lx HOB Reference 10041 2010N1 SINK + TRAP Reference 10041 1004 TAP INOX. 914 Reference 10041 1006 TAP INOX. 939 Reference 10041 1007 TOP SINK INOX. Reference 10041 2011 RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES PANEL STEEL. (2 EA) Reference 04071 1000 TOP INOX. 2 SHELVES Reference 08031 2006 STAINLESS PAN STAND Reference 04071 1006 IRON STEEL. Reference 11071 2011 WORK TABLE HPL Reference 04071 2008 APRON WITH ACCESSORIES Reference 00000 0000 SIZE PALLET 2100 X 850 X 100 mm - 8 k PACKING BOX BARBECUES 2040 X 700 X 250 mm - 85 kg TOP BOX PACKAGING 1075 X 615 X 60 mm - 28,6 kg PANEL BOX PACKING 1140 X 540 X 75 mm - 6,5 kg MATERIALS CHASSIS, SINK, TAP AND TAPAS Stainless Steel. - Mirrored and Gloss STRUCTURE Galvanized Steel HOB Intense Black Granite - Polished Bright PANEL Polished Satin WORK TABLE HPL Wenge

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