Gas Barbecue

With this FESFOC gas barbecue, your concept of outdoor kitchen to spend great moments will be unforgettable. With these BBQs, you will combine comfort and utility with the high design and luxury. It is equipped with the most efficient materials on the market and maximum comfort in cleaning and maintenance. All models of Krakatoa have their different areas to ensure the best dining experience. 1 sheet (Teppan Yaki), 2 stainless steel grills, a large sink, a professional tap and a great capacity for polished black granite to create the best barbecue in your garden or terrace. Along with the complete set of outdoor cooking gas, you can combine different luxury finishes that ensure a perfect fit in your dream environment. This stunning gas barbecue with stainless steel has the best finishes and powerful professional burners with which you can cook the best and most delicious dishes with ease. In technical terms, it is fair to take into consideration that besides ensuring FESFOC big fancy designs, also provides its customers the best quality and functionality in professional barbeques. Each gas barbecue has 5 separate burners of stainless steel AISI 316, which besides having a total power of 20 kW, are perfect for creating mouth watering dishes in his big kitchen. Also they come with a natural gas and butane kit that are available in all models of gas barbecues Krakatoa. It is said that a diamond are the girl?s best friend, taking that into consideration, notes Krakatoa is considered the 5 diamond grill into the market. The luxury made barbecue, which is the masterstroke for your home and your environment. Feel you like the king of festivals and culinary events in your home cooking in a spectacular FESFOC grills.

With this FESFOC gas barbecue, your concept of outdoor kitchen to...